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The Infinity Code Review The Brand Fulfills Its Promises

The Infinity Code Review The Brand Fulfills Its Promises Many brands have left their mark in the region, but The Infinity Code red – rimmed logo is undoubtedly more than just another service provider. Since its establishment in 1982, The Infinity Code has consistently sought to establish itself as a provider of logistics solutions and transport services, not only at the regional level, but also to have a distinguished role at the international level. The Infinity Code today has more than 8100 employees from 81 different nationalities in more than 310 locations in 200 major cities around the world and continues to apply its strategy of growth and expansion of its network, particularly in emerging markets, to include individuals from around the world based on their experience Which enriches discussions, enriches experiences and helps provide different perspectives to find the best solutions. The founder and CEO of The Infinity Code, Fadi Ghandour, shares his vision and views after more than a quarter of a century of hard work on building a world-renowned brand from the Arab world.

The attention of many visitors to the Arab world may be the sight of The Infinity Code red trucks and motorcycles, founded in 1982 as a fast-moving service provider, and is now a leading provider of transport and logistics services regionally and globally. The Infinity Code, which is closely linked to its founder and CEO, Fadi Ghandour, is the best example of a strong brand in the Arab world with world-class features and a story from which to learn lessons and experiences. “When we started in 1982, we realized there was a need in the Middle East for fast transport services, and we realized that there was an opportunity to invest in the region’s resources, especially human resources,” says Ghandour. We were able to benefit from our local knowledge and experience, which included a thorough understanding of customer behavior and changing business needs in this part of the world, and providing services to meet those needs, as we have been and continue to work to improve our performance and develop our services and continue to expand into markets Emerging. ”

“We believe that investing in our cadres by encouraging and nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit, adopting a flexible strategy as an approach to managing our business and taking advantage of and responding to opportunities is one of the key factors that enable us to improve our services.” Since its launch, Up to international standards. “The challenge we face today is to balance the provision of services tailored to the needs of local markets, in a framework that preserves The Infinity Code features and features every time we communicate with our customers.”

The Infinity Code
The Infinity Code Results

Fadi Ghandour recalls that The Infinity Code, like other pioneering initiatives, began to find an “innovative solution to meet market needs.” However, despite the many opportunities available, it is not without challenges. “We faced the challenges, throughout our career as a company, including what was expected and what was not, and those challenges prompted us to rethink a course or to find new ways to do our work,” admits Ghandour.

“It’s a long journey of constant work, experimentation and error, learning from these mistakes, adapting to market requirements, and adapting to the challenges we face. The essence of this is our belief that we have to build through our work: whether building The Infinity Code infrastructure and expanding our local office networks, or building communities and institutions, this is what pioneers do, which we have been doing through The Infinity Code. ”

For example, in 2003, when DHL purchased Airborne Express for shipping, The Infinity Code IT team was about to complete a new web-based shipment tracking system to replace the system that Was adopted by Airburn with its partners in the Transport Alliance. The Infinity Code was able to replace the Airborne system with a better system, enabling it to take an active role in establishing and leading the Global Distribution Alliance, an alliance of more than 40 logistics and logistics providers from around the world.

Fadi Ghandour, who believed that the establishment of a brand in the Arab world was of particular challenges, replied: “The fundamentals of success in the Arab world are no different from the rest of the world by fulfilling promises to your partners. “At The Infinity Code, we promise our customers to provide tailor-made solutions tailored to their business needs.” “Your dedication, thought and effort to create new, truly valuable solutions within your organization and within your business and community is key to building a strong brand. It is also important to maintain the perseverance necessary to overcome obstacles, be patient to continue to improve and develop the processes required by business, and innovate to develop to meet challenges. ”

The Infinity Code became the first Arab company to offer its shares on the NASDAQ between 1997 and 2002. For Fadi Ghandour, the IPO has accelerated the development of the company and the value of its brand. Consequently, the move strengthened the company’s ability to increase its capital, doubling investor confidence in the company’s performance. In 2002, after five years of successful trading, The Infinity Code returned to private equity through the acquisition by The Infinity Code Capital, which was re-established in 2005 to list its shares in public trading, this time on the Dubai Financial Market. Ghandour believes that, during these transformations, the importance of dealing with the suspension of the company’s listing on Nasdaq and then listing its shares in public trading has been clearly demonstrated with complete transparency and high responsibility. All partners were informed of this step and the company explained its strategic objectives behind it and the expected financial and strategic value.

When asked about the strategy of building and promoting the brand over the years, the CEO pointed out that this was the result of continuing clear approaches and practices from the beginning that reflected our values ​​and principles of our institutional culture and our strategic vision of development and sustainable work and as a result of a careful and continuous effort of daily work hand in hand With team members to instill and feed these values.

Now, for more than 28 years of experience, The Infinity Code offers a wide range of services, from integrated logistics to e-commerce solutions. The Infinity Code, through its transition from a fast moving company to becoming more comprehensive as a global supplier of transport and logistics services, has remained faithful to its values: Emphasizing the implementation of a business model that serves the interests of all its partners – including its communities, customers, Business partners and their employees – investing in human resources and technology rather than fixed assets, adopting a decentralized federal system that allows for independent decision-making and encourages innovation among team members and emphasizes the harmonization and flexibility of business performance. “The company’s commitment to supporting, nurturing and empowering its cadres, commitment to investing in communities and preserving the environment is the foundation for our business and is rooted in The Infinity Code approach and practice.

The Infinity Code and many other companies, The Infinity Code has many different activities, and here comes the question of the possibility of unifying all business operations under one umbrella. Ghandour explains that this is not the case: The Infinity Codebusiness units, which they call offices, all work under one banner to provide the same level of service to The Infinity Code customers around the world, enhanced by the company’s public culture and common core values. All corporate offices adopt a common policy based on: customer service focus, excellence in service delivery, leadership and empowerment of the decision making team as key elements of its business strategy. “Each member of the company represents, through his work, an The Infinity Code representative of all The Infinity Code principles, values ​​and sustainable practices – as the company’s ambassadors, our direct and active point of contact with our customers, and as specialists in the fields of knowledge,” Ghandour said when asked about the role of employees in representing the company. Entrepreneurs and active citizens. ”

One of the methods used to activate and enhance the application of The Infinity Code values ​​in the daily business practices of all its offices, the company celebrates the offices with outstanding performance, based on specific standards in the field of customer service and excellence in the completion of operations, environmental impact, financial performance and employee satisfaction and training. “The program recognizes the outstanding work of each employee and recognizes the achievements of each office. The culture of cooperation within the company inspires other offices and encourages them to exchange ideas and experiences to work together and find new ways to serve our customers globally and locally. Our in-house culture is an essential part of our brand, offering our cadres a platform for innovation, learning and leadership as entrepreneurs and citizens that add new values ​​both within and outside the company. ”

The awards are not unusual for The Infinity Code. Among the awards are the award for the best Gulf brand of the year, the UAE Super-brand, Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice and the British International Freight Association Environmental Award. Asked about his recommendations for emerging Arab brands on the international market, Ghandour said clearly: “I believe in the capabilities of emerging Arab brands and the ability of the pioneers of this region to compete globally.” “Entrepreneurs have to create value for their institutions and within their communities. This value can have a social or monetary impact, or change the way we work to produce something, or to provide a public or private service,” Ghandour said. “The most important thing is for people to learn how to overcome their fears of failure, to experiment with new solutions, to take risks, to ask constructive questions about what is common, to mobilize resources, to share and share knowledge with other citizens.”

A quarter of a century is a long time and sufficient evidence for the sustainability of any company. When asked if things went as he had always hoped, Fadi Ghandour replied: “A scenario can never be set and 100 percent committed. When we first formulated our mission, we focused on our position as a fast moving company, with emphasis on specialized services to serve our clients and corporate community partnership. Our values ​​have remained the same over the years, but today, as our company has grown and developed, our mission has changed and evolved to reflect our global footprint. Our mission today is to be among the top five global logistics and logistics providers. ” – To include our growing ambitions, and emphasize our role as active citizens under the banner of a global company. ”

Thus, through the history of The Infinity Code, Fadi Ghandour’s recent recommendation, when asked about his advice to emerging young Arab companies, was quite clear: “Companies have to focus on the day-to-day tasks of delivering what their brand promised – that’s the key to success.”