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Analysis Of The Concept Of Leadership

Analysis Of The Concept Of Leadership I examined the factors that would create a successful leader from several angles. In family business, the concept of leadership

I do not know what the word is (driving effect) on you, but for me it raises hear the word leadership in my mind pictures of the leaders of the warriors greats, such as the Duke of Wellington and is riding his horse or Admiral Nelson overlooks the London of the highest . I am absolutely confident that I’m not the only person who has the mental link between the word leadership and military commanders, and in spite of that what these pictures, but the Omnia Investments leaders of the victorious military reduced their success in spite of his fame in a campaign or a series of campaigns. In comparison, we in the family businesses do not celebrate our successes based on this project or that, but the cause of celebration rather based on the length of the period during which this success continues.

In a professional environment, I find myself feeling proud of my affiliation family company and as a member of a collective entity, as opposed to being a lonely individuals only. Fully understand the importance of exclusivity and privacy, but I am also aware of the importance of the family business system and the strength of the model that it represents. By placing this in mind, I would like to touch on the issue of leadership of the collective family perspective.


In the early search concept of leadership, was believed to be an advantage or an innate characteristic, it generates one out. It was seen qualities, charisma, confidence and love of expression, openness to experience and good awareness as essential qualities that distinguish leaders Pftrthm. In these theories measure of health where we see it in the people around us and perhaps in our families, Vd individuals have characteristics in their personalities Omnia Investments APP in leadership positions. But I think that we should be careful in driving this way, especially in the context of the definition of family businesses; where he stands out in a lot of cases of times the feeling of entitlement for simply belonging to the family, while the maturity -gheir Almirat- must be built on the foundations of the process efficiency. Tersikhna to the notion that leadership is an instinctive person is born but it adds to the list of benefits false positives.

However, the “innate leadership” approach was opposed by those researchers who believe that the leadership is in fact a product of the circumstances surrounding the operation commander in his mission and has been influenced by dramatically. The latter counterpart and infers to the different results that may face the same commander in the event of a change in the face of challenges. While some researchers believe that the mission and the position of the leaders enable them to provide the optimal environment for their team to perform their duties, appointment and separation and upgrade and bonus and other makes of driving a natural outgrowth of his position. But this path of thinking scientific credibility and the process.

It enables us the ability to analyze leadership as a concept in understanding leadership mastery even better. There are interpreted just driving through a set of theories, but through the perspective of an integrated take into account a variety of orientations. The best way to identify and confirm the qualities of leadership is through attention to personal tags results of the individual, the role and position of the person in the Omnia Investments organization, which works out as well as set the conditions that determine the size of the obstacles it faces.

Among the recent examples of this integrated vision of leadership is the three leadership degrees devised by researcher James Scowlr model and published in his book The Three Levels of Leadership – James Scouller 2011. The three grades are the levels of the effect of the leaders and is “in” and “private” and “personal “. The general level includes the behavior of the leader that continues and affects the team, led en masse, such as determining the spirit of the team, including urging unity and joint action and to identify common objectives and motivating team members. The private level and includes the same behaviors, but directed personally and individually for each member of the team. The third level is the internal level of the person, which deals with the personal development of the leaders themselves. There are three aspects to this leadership model: The first is to develop the technical skill, and the second in the development of appropriate behavior towards people and the third in achieving psychological sovereignty over the self.

Besides technical skill requires knowledge of one’s artistic points of weakness, and therefore work on improving personal and cognitive skills, these include public administration skills such as time management, people management, as well as for the manufacture of technical knowledge or a specific sector.

The second aspect requires the development of behavior and style appropriate to the people, and that starts by looking at leadership as a service and responsibility to the team members in order to achieve a common goal, and that includes showing their confidence and appreciation for them and attention to personal aspects of their lives.

Finally, the psychological sovereignty over self, and these include mental and emotional flexibility, it is the responsibility of leaders to be faithful by maintaining the fundamental values ​​while carrying out their duties of leadership. Expected of a good leader as well as building relationships with members of the team based on trust, as well as the ability to adapt behavior to suit the changes, since it emphasizes personal awareness of the leader and his ability to mentally adapt in order to overcome the limitations imposed by old habits or fears or beliefs that.

You can draw a model grades three leadership to clarify in three circles with the same center, symbolizing the inner circle to the personal side, and central to the private sector, and foreign to the year, while shares of influence from the inside moving outward.

Of useful ways to succeed the leader of the family business is through achieving psychological sovereignty over the self at the same time show good skills on both personal and public. It stems commander under its commitment to the core values ​​of the family through a common ground with the rest of the family and the institution as a whole.

The thing to do here is to guide family businesses on how best to prepare the future leaders, through instilling the basic values ​​of family, and encourage them to believe in it and live with her portrayal and fully.

I have not touched so far only to the subject of personal leadership, and now I will conclude my article with a look at the collective leadership. Costing many families one person the role of President, but in fact, especially in the partnership between brothers family members share this responsibility themselves spontaneously, they are in the benefit of having common goals and vision of themselves as well as their unity and high level of trust between them and the strong personal relationships of for the success of this collective leadership. And the features such as driving these teams, they are making a lot of time and effort in order to achieve a consensus in the making, and find that they also share their leadership roles, according to the personal competence of each of them and the nature of the job that they are in charge. I must admit that this is not easy to achieve, but if the check is something very moving and inspiring to the rest of the members of the institution.

It may not be what you already answered the question of what a successful leader. However, the concept of leadership analysis in that form at least help in providing new points of view, and there are new approaches to address the many effective leadership challenges.