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The Concept Of Fair Value In Economy

The Concept Of Fair Value In Economy Over the years, economists and finance have developed different theories and concepts to study, analyze and understand the various economic and financial data and phenomena of individuals, institutions and countries. In the next Binary Option Club Review article we will talk about the concept of fair value, which is widely used both in macroeconomics, accounting or financial transactions defined by various financial markets.

Fair value in the general economy can be defined as the price of goods and services agreed between individuals who exchange goods or services among themselves. Which are determined by a combination of factors, such as the cost of raw materials entering the manufacture of these goods, the cost of conversion, manufacturing and transport, labor, in addition to the supply and demand. In accounting, fair value is defined as the rate at which a certain asset can be exchanged between two parties that have all the information equally and fair competitive conditions between the parties.

In contrast to general economics, the concept of fair value defines a sharp debate between economists and market experts as to how to determine the fair value concept of financial assets traded in global financial markets, particularly equity markets.

Fair Value
Fair Value

For example, if you ask a group of citizens in a city about the price of a consumer commodity, the answers you get will be very close. If you ask a group of people about the price of a cup of coffee, for example, you get one price or prices close to the real price of a cup of coffee. But if we ask a group of investors about the value of the shares of Binary Option Club Company, it will differ greatly from the situation already mentioned. Because you will get significantly spaced numbers because each investor has his own view and valuation of the company’s stock.
The concept of fair value in financial markets
You should know that there is a big difference between the price of the stock and the value of the stock. The price of the stock can be obtained by entering one of the international financial markets such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance or Google Finance, You want the site to give you the share price of the company, which will be the last price you made the last sale or purchase. A company’s stock is another. Perhaps the simplest definition of value is Warren Buffett, the famous American investor and the third richest man in the world: “The share price is what you pay and the value of the stock is what you get.”

Therefore, the price of the share and the value of the share are different. For example, if we assume that a company is trading on the stock market at the price of $ 10 (share price), but when studying and analyzing all financial statements of the company, such as cash flows, distributions Profit ratio, debt ratio, market share, and growth outlook … According to these data and due to the positive results achieved by the company we found that the share price should be between 20 and 25 dollars. This price represents the fair value of this company’s share.

Here, participants in financial markets can be divided into two main categories: speculators and investors. Speculators usually make trades ranging from a few days to several weeks, and rely on technical analysis, price action, and what other traders think about the direction of the price without giving any weight to the company’s financial situation and results in order to make a profit through Take advantage of the volatility known by stock market prices in the short term. While investors open positions lasting from several months to several years, depending on the company’s basic analysis ie, the company’s financial figures and results, as the revenue ratio, net profit, growth opportunities of the sector operating in the company, cash flows, expected growth rates over five years Coming in terms of market share, net profit and many other indicators. These investors are usually referred to as “value investors”. The objective of this category is to search for undervalued shares ie stocks that are traded at a price below their real value or the fair value of these shares and buy them in the hope of reaching their price to the price that represents the real value of these shares and then sell them and benefit from the price difference. In some other cases, some traders reverse this process, ie, look for stocks that are expensive, ie their current price is above their value and thus open short positions on these stocks and wait for their prices to fall to their real value.

Stock prices do not often reflect their true value as a result of speculative operations and also because the behavior of market participants is irrational. Most Binary Option Club traders do not make their decisions based on the actual information available but rather irrational decisions that follow herd behavior. Traders are always moving between two situations Extreme optimism and extreme pessimism.

Analysis Of The Concept Of Leadership

Analysis Of The Concept Of Leadership I examined the factors that would create a successful leader from several angles. In family business, the concept of leadership

I do not know what the word is (driving effect) on you, but for me it raises hear the word leadership in my mind pictures of the leaders of the warriors greats, such as the Duke of Wellington and is riding his horse or Admiral Nelson overlooks the London of the highest . I am absolutely confident that I’m not the only person who has the mental link between the word leadership and military commanders, and in spite of that what these pictures, but the Omnia Investments leaders of the victorious military reduced their success in spite of his fame in a campaign or a series of campaigns. In comparison, we in the family businesses do not celebrate our successes based on this project or that, but the cause of celebration rather based on the length of the period during which this success continues.

In a professional environment, I find myself feeling proud of my affiliation family company and as a member of a collective entity, as opposed to being a lonely individuals only. Fully understand the importance of exclusivity and privacy, but I am also aware of the importance of the family business system and the strength of the model that it represents. By placing this in mind, I would like to touch on the issue of leadership of the collective family perspective.


In the early search concept of leadership, was believed to be an advantage or an innate characteristic, it generates one out. It was seen qualities, charisma, confidence and love of expression, openness to experience and good awareness as essential qualities that distinguish leaders Pftrthm. In these theories measure of health where we see it in the people around us and perhaps in our families, Vd individuals have characteristics in their personalities Omnia Investments APP in leadership positions. But I think that we should be careful in driving this way, especially in the context of the definition of family businesses; where he stands out in a lot of cases of times the feeling of entitlement for simply belonging to the family, while the maturity -gheir Almirat- must be built on the foundations of the process efficiency. Tersikhna to the notion that leadership is an instinctive person is born but it adds to the list of benefits false positives.

However, the “innate leadership” approach was opposed by those researchers who believe that the leadership is in fact a product of the circumstances surrounding the operation commander in his mission and has been influenced by dramatically. The latter counterpart and infers to the different results that may face the same commander in the event of a change in the face of challenges. While some researchers believe that the mission and the position of the leaders enable them to provide the optimal environment for their team to perform their duties, appointment and separation and upgrade and bonus and other makes of driving a natural outgrowth of his position. But this path of thinking scientific credibility and the process.

It enables us the ability to analyze leadership as a concept in understanding leadership mastery even better. There are interpreted just driving through a set of theories, but through the perspective of an integrated take into account a variety of orientations. The best way to identify and confirm the qualities of leadership is through attention to personal tags results of the individual, the role and position of the person in the Omnia Investments organization, which works out as well as set the conditions that determine the size of the obstacles it faces.

Among the recent examples of this integrated vision of leadership is the three leadership degrees devised by researcher James Scowlr model and published in his book The Three Levels of Leadership – James Scouller 2011. The three grades are the levels of the effect of the leaders and is “in” and “private” and “personal “. The general level includes the behavior of the leader that continues and affects the team, led en masse, such as determining the spirit of the team, including urging unity and joint action and to identify common objectives and motivating team members. The private level and includes the same behaviors, but directed personally and individually for each member of the team. The third level is the internal level of the person, which deals with the personal development of the leaders themselves. There are three aspects to this leadership model: The first is to develop the technical skill, and the second in the development of appropriate behavior towards people and the third in achieving psychological sovereignty over the self.

Besides technical skill requires knowledge of one’s artistic points of weakness, and therefore work on improving personal and cognitive skills, these include public administration skills such as time management, people management, as well as for the manufacture of technical knowledge or a specific sector.

The second aspect requires the development of behavior and style appropriate to the people, and that starts by looking at leadership as a service and responsibility to the team members in order to achieve a common goal, and that includes showing their confidence and appreciation for them and attention to personal aspects of their lives.

Finally, the psychological sovereignty over self, and these include mental and emotional flexibility, it is the responsibility of leaders to be faithful by maintaining the fundamental values ​​while carrying out their duties of leadership. Expected of a good leader as well as building relationships with members of the team based on trust, as well as the ability to adapt behavior to suit the changes, since it emphasizes personal awareness of the leader and his ability to mentally adapt in order to overcome the limitations imposed by old habits or fears or beliefs that.

You can draw a model grades three leadership to clarify in three circles with the same center, symbolizing the inner circle to the personal side, and central to the private sector, and foreign to the year, while shares of influence from the inside moving outward.

Of useful ways to succeed the leader of the family business is through achieving psychological sovereignty over the self at the same time show good skills on both personal and public. It stems commander under its commitment to the core values ​​of the family through a common ground with the rest of the family and the institution as a whole.

The thing to do here is to guide family businesses on how best to prepare the future leaders, through instilling the basic values ​​of family, and encourage them to believe in it and live with her portrayal and fully.

I have not touched so far only to the subject of personal leadership, and now I will conclude my article with a look at the collective leadership. Costing many families one person the role of President, but in fact, especially in the partnership between brothers family members share this responsibility themselves spontaneously, they are in the benefit of having common goals and vision of themselves as well as their unity and high level of trust between them and the strong personal relationships of for the success of this collective leadership. And the features such as driving these teams, they are making a lot of time and effort in order to achieve a consensus in the making, and find that they also share their leadership roles, according to the personal competence of each of them and the nature of the job that they are in charge. I must admit that this is not easy to achieve, but if the check is something very moving and inspiring to the rest of the members of the institution.

It may not be what you already answered the question of what a successful leader. However, the concept of leadership analysis in that form at least help in providing new points of view, and there are new approaches to address the many effective leadership challenges.

Human Capital In The Family Business: Opportunities and Challenges

Human Capital In The Family Business: Opportunities and Challenges; Human capital, which is defined generally as the knowledge, capacity and existing skills within the company and / or family business. It is one of the most successful family businesses ancient factors. However, the 100K Factory Revolution environment imposes certain challenges as they provide opportunities at the same time in the event of the establishment of a human capital a distinct competitive advantage over the long-term extension. Dr. Philip Seager of the Center for Family Businesses in St. Gallen University in Switzerland, discusses the characteristics that must be considered when analyzing the human capital in family businesses.

While there are many different aspects of human capital-with regard to family businesses, but it will be dealt with two main aspects are as follows. First, human capital provided by the family firm itself of one important factor that should be discussed is. Second, human capital from outside the family is also important to ensure long-term success. There are challenges and opportunities associated with both sides.

Human Capital
Human Capital

At first, the presence and participation of the family of a long-term dominant in the family business, may have positive and negative effects on the human capital impacts. Over time, the family business be able to collect one of the private areas can be transferred through the generations distinct knowledge. More importantly, research has shown that family businesses as well as succeed in the collection of knowledge and unique investment experience, or else the knowledge and skills on how to establish and manage the company on a long-term sense. They may be moved as well as the knowledge to the 100K Factory Revolution Scam members of the next generation. This leads to a more comprehensive view on the issue of succession: Thus, effective Caliphate does not include only the transfer of assets, but also include the transfer of mental outstanding entrepreneurial abilities and possibilities associated with it. The main challenge is in recognizing the family business for its role with regard to human capital. Accordingly, it must make a clear and systematic improvement of the human capital that exists within the family. Moreover, family businesses must always be careful not to join the family company unless they are on a high degree of commitment and qualifications. Thus, you should develop guidance and clear policies about when and how and under what circumstances the family can join the company. Important aspects is the required level of education and experience gained outside the family company and the job is initiated, including professional and tracks available within the company’s ongoing evaluation of performance. Is joining members of the family are not qualified enough to the company may spend on human capital base for the family over time.

Referring to the second main aspect of human capital in the family business, it is clear that companies are growing much faster than the families that owned pace. And therefore can not be a family company providing a sufficient number of family members eligible to fill all positions in the company to expand and grow in size with time, and thus it becomes to recruit staff from outside the family imperative.

On the positive side, family businesses can deliver a unique atmosphere for the promotion and support of knowledge, skills and abilities of staff belonging to the family. Family businesses are often characterized by a strong and very ancient cultures, which makes it even individuals not belonging to the family feel as if they were part of it. The long-term trend of family businesses and the lack of “recruitment and dispensing later” policies often contribute to creating a climate where can Alttaiwiralamnahja of human capital in the long term.

On the negative side, the family business environment might become a hindrance when it comes to attracting and keeping employees on a high degree of competence and training from outside the family. In a family business, you may be booking top positions prestigious family members; for example, a family business may decide that the person holding the post of Executive Director should be a family. This relates to the homeland of another potential weakness, namely nepotism or preference. When family members get preferential treatment with regard to salary or promotions within the company even if they were on a lesser degree of efficiency compared to employees from outside the family, this may lead to a feeling of employees from outside the family of injustice. As a result, they may wish to leave the company, which could lead to loss of human capital. And gaze on this, if known of these practices, potential employees of competence and qualifications employers were reluctant to join the family of the foundation of the company. In addition to this 100K Factory Revolution Review it is often family businesses opposed to the idea of ​​shares to employees from outside the family because they do not want to weaken their grip on the company, which is one of the basic conditions for survival as a family company. Thus, the staff is aware of outside the family that he would not have the chance to own a significant equity stakes at all as they will never practice especially dominant majority rights. As a result, these employees may be more receptive to offers made by rival companies allows them to own a significant share of stock. It is natural that seeking employees to own shares of stock, at least in the long term would be reluctant to join the family business from the ground up.

The bottom line is that it can family businesses create a unique competitive advantage by fostering human capital, both within the family or outside. Within the family, you must make a kind of systematic improvement on the knowledge and experience of individuals and enthusiastic young people interested in the company’s generation, and at the same time the rules and procedures are clear with respect to the probability of joining the family firm application. For employees from outside the family, the family businesses should try to take advantage of the features have access to human capital from outside the family as well as the preservation and development of the long-term.

Employees must be intuit from outside the family that they can fully develop their abilities within the family business, any other words that fill the posts depends on qualifications rather than kinship. Moreover, the ownership of the company’s shares for a limited circle of employees may be an idea worth considering. However, it may not achieve formal ownership alone the desired results. More important than formal ownership is that family businesses focused on creating a sense of belonging and cohesion and moral ownership among the staff. This may increase the chances of getting the workforce to a high degree of knowledge, skills and loyalty to contribute effectively to the competitive advantage of family businesses and their success in the long term.

Establish Leadership Abilities And Take Advantage Of Them

Establish Leadership Abilities And Take Advantage Of Them Family business-oriented leadership powers are in a good position to discover lucrative opportunities and seek to seize innovative ways that others can not imitate. To turn this trend into reality, these companies pioneering capabilities allow them to choose the sensor and opportunities in light of the excellence and uniqueness of its internal resources, culture and other adopted. Through the development of a range of entrepreneurial capacity, can family businesses develop rules instead of following the pattern adopted by other Nuvo Finance Scam companies, as shown in Figure 1.


Building entrepreneurial capacity and preservation requires broadcast principle of diversity and variation in these companies. To ensure success, the royal family must be careful of the company to exercise its authority and exert control. This may be quite a challenge for many of the family’s Middle East companies where power is usually concentrated in the hands of the company’s founder and selected a few family members. These companies also need to establish a balance of talent and mental capacity through staff with different views and skills set, and the appointment of managers and skilled personnel in all parts of the world, and then train them in ways that innovative and imaginative allowing them to express their views openly, while encouraging them to consider and research in the behind the company’s prospects accepted. With the increasing presence of functional elements for the outside of the family, family Middle Eastern companies need to rethink their wages systems and organizational structures that already exist. As well as the need to enable these employees, and thus give them some freedom with respect to identifying and seizing lucrative business opportunities.

Family companies need to be two main components to take advantage of the diverse and different skills to the company when the ribs in the process of internationalization. The first component is to develop the ability to create a corporate culture and system that supports and encourages learning. Nuvo Finance Companies often spend more time and made a lot of effort to keep track of their competitors and their customers in an attempt to learn. However, these companies do not devote the same amount of time or effort to encourage “collective learning”, where employees and managers share their experiences and benefit from the strategic value of these lessons learned. The learning process is rarely spontaneous and usually require careful thinking and analysis in order to successfully expand internationally. The second component is the presence of staff in an environment that allows them to real participation. Starring staff with the skills and mental capacity when developing their ideas in the face of challenges and tests imposed by the difficult market. Thus, companies need to provide space for these employees (especially non-belonging to the family) so that they can influence decisions that are taken.

Take advantage of the relationships and networks to create value
You need family Middle East companies to take advantage of the relationships set up by the global markets and in order to maintain their entrepreneurial as shown in Figure 1. The success and prosperity of family businesses to establish strong relationships with bankers, suppliers, customers, local communities, universities, research institutions and charitable organizations and other corporate bodies government that may play a crucial role in providing the company with important information about the impending changes to the policies, markets These relationships provide important clues about the changing competitive conditions, and also assist in assembling the resources needed to carry out the analysis of internationalization and opportunities and assess the progress of work. Dedicated owners and leaders of family businesses a great deal of time and effort to communicate, which is of great importance to achieve the establishment of these Nuvo Finance relations and promotion.

The visit businesses and work sites, and the presence of important trade associations and conference meetings, talking to workers in the field locally and research universities of the important means of communication and the establishment of productive relationships. You can also for information technology (such as conferences conducted through video and phone) to keep the owners and leaders of family businesses informed about what is happening around them. But all this is not a substitute for personal contact.

No longer compete in international markets existed between the company and another, but between the network and the other. Nor can family businesses rely on the skills and resources of all, they need to take advantage of the skills and relationships and resources of other companies in their networks. Thus, should the family’s Middle East companies to avoid “individual intrusion,” and replace it with cooperation and win in international markets. Moreover, these companies must demonstrate selectivity in the use of their relations, the various relationships utilized in different situations and reasons. The appreciation of these differences and take advantage of them indispensable for success. Leaders of family businesses as well as the need to accommodate the challenges and unique capabilities with their partners.

Finally, internationalization is for many of the family’s Middle East companies, important way to learn and access to resources and the establishment of value creation capabilities. As explained in Leadership Figure 1, these companies increase the odds of success in today’s dynamic markets through: the study of the strategic results of various international movements, and linking business across global markets and get reciprocal relationships through intellectual orientation towards the diversification of activities, and the establishment of entrepreneurial capabilities and take advantage of them, and employing relations and liaison networks to create value for both owners and shareholders. By recognizing functions and values ​​and culture distinct and employ their innovative, family Middle East companies will be able to establish a strong presence in the international market.

Discover How To Compete In The New Global Market

Discover How To Compete In The New Global Market The dynamics of the global economy has created multiple opportunities for Middle East family businesses. With its commitment to fight the areas

In Rubix Project can family businesses to take advantage of intangible assets (such as financial resources) and intangible (such as culture and values ​​and the like) when its expansion beyond the borders of their own home. In Figure 1, we focus on the many activities that increase the likelihood of successful international expansion.

Family Businesses
Family Businesses

In mind the strategic results of various global movements With the direction many Tesler Trading System companies toward building international commercial operations and seek a presence in foreign markets, increasing pressure on the owners and leaders of the Middle East family businesses to do likewise. However, as explained in Figure 1, it may be for this decision serious consequences. The decision must be to internationalize the operations of these companies stem from and directed basically have a clear vision.

Initially vision. Family businesses typically seek to achieve the objectives of physical and non-physical which is important for its members and keep their participation and involvement in it. Often this results in the presence of pressure in the functions of these companies performance. It must not lead this expansion to the loss of control and domination of the royal family of the company, and thus reduce the severity of a major source of contention within the company and its royal family. In fact, it can be to succeed in international markets that have the greatest impact in improving the standing and reputation of the family in the domestic market the company. This has led to many of the family join the Middle East in a series of acquisitions and joint ventures operations in the Middle East and North Africa region as well as companies developing countries. These companies also worked on international expansion in industries and / or other parts of the world through relationships and contacts with individuals and branches of expatriate / migrant families. Some of these transactions allow family businesses to hedge against potential business risks in light of unstable global economy.
Figure 1
Successful strategies for the expansion of the Middle East family businesses internationally

The study of the strategic results of various international movements
Initially vision.
Invest time in learning
Nscheromcharkh what has been learned
Linking business in global markets: Thinking capsular
Construction and development of a positive reciprocal relations
Avoid deadlock situations and relationships of reciprocity negative
Entrepreneurial capacity building and take advantage of them
The importance of culture and organizational structure
Increase and enable talent and mental capacity
Activating the participation of employees from outside the family
Take advantage of the relationships and contacts to create value
The establishment and activation of multiple types of relationships and communication
Investing in maintaining these relationships

Enjoyment of sense selective in the use of various communications and relationships: some are more useful than others in certain situations

Success requires clarity of strategic reasons and factors that drive family businesses to internationalize its operations. What do you aspire to achieve the company and the royal family to her? What will the company’s family of global markets? What is the impact of internationalization on the operations of the company and its values ​​and identity? This simple but important questions and management must be taken into pursue international opportunities and external expansion. Without taking into strategic for these efforts to build a presence on the international level and to develop new capabilities and maintaining the company’s transactions over generations, the family firm might fall prey to international movements that reduce the value and lead to disperse. It requires the acquisition of the value of international activities accommodate unique organizational, financial and technical challenges that must be dealt with.

As described in Tesler Trading System it provides a clear and coherent important Middle East family businesses make wise decisions about potential international partners. Family businesses tend to deal with other family businesses, especially those that have goals and values ​​and investment prospects similar. The strategic clarity about what you want to achieve the company may help in the evaluation of potential partners and their abilities and their credibility as well. These assessments require bypass numbers to reach an intangible aspects such as quality of management and the strength of the institution and the incentives and skills balance of talent and compatibility values ​​with those of the company. When you perform these analyzes, does not reflect the numbers alone for the whole picture.
Invest the time to learn it takes a lot of time internationalization necessitates the allocation of its resources. Fortunately, many of the family businesses adopt a long-term approach when making decisions in order to maintain the company for future generations. However, the management of “attention” factor is a strategic necessity when it comes to internationalization. Concomitant administration’s preoccupation with international expansion and focus on consensus results from markets and customers. Leading to the omission of some of the directors of family businesses the opportunity to learn from international experiences. Managers need to study and analyze their decisions when engaging in social learning experience (What drives customers and competitors to act on a particular) and technical (about how to build their capacity when creating Mentajathm When systems) mode. The managers also need to learn how to organize their operations and operational arrangement diversified their activities and linkages between these activities.

Learning is a major source of new information which supports the growth of family businesses. Analysis of trading, successful and unsuccessful, deals may be a great source of learning, which is the basis for success.

Publish and share what has been learned that learning (ie acquiring new information) alone is not enough to succeed in international markets. As it is shown in Figure 1, setting calls for managers to create systems and processes to record what has been learned and distributed to all members of the institution. The dissemination of best practices that have been learned is the need for Lastvadh from the experience of internationalization. As well as the lessons learned from the successes and failures on the degree of importance is also considered. Also it provides “smart cases of failure,” by those events in which the company learn from important opportunities to learn and then recording and dissemination of what has been learned. Failure is commonplace in the private internationalization process for the Middle East family businesses that do not have a lot of experience in international markets. Managers realize they need to understand how to minimize the chances of failure in the future and how to incorporate lessons learned in the way of thinking in place within the organization. Intelligent learning happens when you learn to members of the company (the royal family of the company and employees) from the disappointing events of the hopes and successes and then they apply what they have learned when making decisions. In family businesses, the organizational memory is usually established through different generations. This is a characteristic and should these companies take advantage of them when the internationalization private institutional learning.
The publication of what has been learned the need to create value. However, managers are often reluctant to share what they have learned with their staff in the belief that what they have learned is a point of their distinctiveness. Family businesses do not want particularly to share what I have learned with staff from outside the royal family of the company. This works on the staff their isolation and at the same time depriving the company of their talents and abilities. In contrast, share information and provide an important way to clarify matters and to formulate a causal explanations of what happened and to develop strategies to bring about an effective and influential change.

Linking and building reciprocal relationships: Thinking capsular: family usually companies follow a series of activities for the establishment of international commercial operations like that of many other companies, where the start of this companies usually as companies exporting: grant licenses for its products and technologies, establish distribution channels, and eventually establish operations operating in overseas locations. Often they join these companies to establish alliances and joint ventures to enable them to enter new markets and acquire modern techniques and improve their experience. During the company of all these activities, it is easy to fall victim of the violation of the simple and believes that both management activities is essential indispensable logic. While it may be for some of these business dealings difference in the failure or success of the company -as effect is illustrated in Figure 1, but it is necessary to consider linking these transactions, including the development of correlation. This reciprocal relationship is as a bonus that the company Sthsdha of connecting and coordinating international commercial operations. Link may be represented in the form of a coherent strategic direction adopted by the company and the family (where do we go?), And operational efficiencies, as well as complementary actions that result in physical and non-physical value (HE family and their satisfaction).
However, the management of a portfolio of international activities is not limited to only the money and finance. For family businesses, often it comes to creating a new set of opportunities, and the development of capabilities that can be used in various fields of work, and provide business models able to change the fabric of the industry and competition. This overwhelms the angel of the owners and leaders of family businesses where you must possess insight brilliantly to see the future before it happens, and should enjoy the spirit of innovation to transform resources into capabilities, as well as intelligence in directing capacity to grasp the opportunities given.

It is also important for family businesses to avoid deadlock situations and relationships of reciprocity negative value had been destroyed, as shown in Figure 1. This is evident negative reciprocity relations when conflict occurs between two activities or more, weakening of the value of international operations as a whole. For example, a family company may seek to increase the flexibility of the various units by giving each of them the independence of the central decision-making about their own markets. This excessive autonomy may hinder the effectiveness of decision-making and speed of response, and thus reduce the company’s gains from the process of internationalization. The “rigidities” when he talked normally hinders a certain company’s strategic move from the pursuit of other options. For example, you may be getting an exclusive contract for the distribution of products well-known foreign companies feasible, but it may also limit the company’s ability to do other choices with the market change. It is likely to encounter some family companies Middle East this position due to the limited experience and lack of ties and contacts and the presence of nepotism and a lack of alternatives factor.

International operations Family Business Group management requires a focus on internal operations, management and governance systems in place already. With the growth of these operations, there will be a need for structures and new systems and processes to ensure the synchronization and to collect and distribute information in a timely manner, as well as make decisions effectively and intelligently. This makes investments in technology and information systems as well as the existence of effective governance systems worthwhile. Equally important, the company’s various royal family members participate in certain areas become necessary to develop their talents and to ensure their understanding of how this process of internationalization.